I read a post over on Raising Men’s blog. Read it here.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can and do love doing shopping on my own. Things have been so busy with studies, work, life….

Everyone deserves a time-out. Go on treat yourself.

P.S I don’t make excuses to have time-outs. I say it out loud that I need some “me time” or retail therapy ALONE.

After all the studying, which is far from over, I’m now sitting at work, googling holiday destinations where South African Citizens DO NOT require visas… I’m thinking of a quick getaway…. Even local, doesn’t matter.

I’m also in two minds about getting that second tattoo… Really want it but scared beyond *insert suitable word/phrase here*

I’m so going shopping on Friday, after Dude leaves for work, and I drop Dudie at school *insert evil laugh* This is a win win situation as they get on with their normal routines whilst I have a “time-out” without disrupting their free time. See I’m being considerate!

For now, I have to keep my head down and do some work! I’m off on Friday and Monday again! Jealous?? Don’t be! I’m writing on Monday!

Happy Wednesday


P.S. I’ve got family visiting over the weekend, so I have to cramm as much as possible before they get here… And hopefully on Saturday morning/Sunday morning/Evening…. But after my exam, we are going SHOPPINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Girls and a Dudie style!

He embarrassed me….

Ok so Dudie is a talker… more like talk your ear off talker….

We really do enjoy how well versed he is. And he can hold his own in a conversation. But….Those little remarks about what mom & dad do and what he doesn’t do sometimes has my cheeks slightly rosy.

Exhibit A: Checkers Wine Ad on TV

Dudie: Mommy – What’s that?

Me: Wine

Dudie: Only mommy drinks wine. I drink juice and water… And nesquick but mommy drink wine.

Me: And Daddy?

Dudie: Daddy drink cooldrink…..

<The Dude gave the Dudie and extra hug just for that statement>

Exhibit B: Beer Ad Billboard

Dudie: Only Daddy & Mommy drink beer. I drink juice and water.

Me: Yes boy Daddy drinks beer. Not Mommy!

Dudie: YOu did!!!!


Exhibit C: Public Declaration

(I fetched him earlier yesterday and the playground was full of kids and staff)

Dudie: Only Mommy and Daddy drink Beer! Not me. I drink juice and water.

I gave up trying to salvage the situation. This kid will say what he wants to when he wants to. When I got home we did a run through the shops. Went out for dinner. Got home and bathed and put Dudie in bed within record time.

As I plonked myself on the couch, I just don’t have the energy to study right now, Dude brought me an ice-cold Brutal Fruit and a box of Ferrero Rocher 🙂 Luckily Dudie was already asleep…… 🙂



A Parent’s worst fear!

Well it’s one of mine. Bullying! It happens everywhere. At any age from very young to the very mature – bullying is bullying. I worry about how I could teach my son life skills/coping strategies to get through LIFE. Life in itself is unfair. It’s not easy. And society sure as hell doesn’t make it any easier. As a parent, you hope and pray that your child, if ever in any situation, will be able to fend for themselves. And even if he/she does, they still come and share their experience with you. At least, I hope and think that my Dudie knows that we have “that” type of relationship.

Initially, it was difficult for me to stand up to others, including our parents, about how we will raise Dudie. Or anything related to Dudie. I was so disappointed in myself that I felt I wasn’t worthy of raising this precious child.

I did learn to stand my ground. And believe me that I will forever stand up for my Dudie. Recently, it emerged that my cousin’s son, who’s about to start High School, is being bullied. He’s a soft spoken gentle soul. I don’t know how they will solve this but at least they know it’s happening and they are taking steps to rectify this!

I read about Amanda Todd’s story on The Blessed Barrenness’ blog. Hop over and go read it here. It NOT just directed at parents! Or even parents with tweens and teens! I have seen bullying in a toddler class. Thankfully, not in Dudie’s school. Everyone should read this. I can bet on it that there is someone in YOUR family that feels victimised!

A good friend of mine lost her daughter in 2009, also suicide. It’s real. When someone is crying out for help – take note. You may just save that person…


Dear Blog… I’ve missed you

Dear Blog

I’ve missed you! I’ve been longing to be here. My head was buzzing with topics but now that I’m finally able to blog, I can’t remember anything….

I’ve managed to submit my last assignment and wrote my first exam on Monday. It wasn’t bad at all, considering I was having sleepless nights worrying about it.

I now have two weeks to prep for the next exam and then another two weeks before I’m done for 2012. Did I mention that I will be taking additional study leave to maximise my time! <But as I typed that I remembered that I wanted to get another tattoo, my birthday gift from me to me – and was hoping to do that on a quiet weekday morning>

I will blog soon. About proper topics. And some ramblings about how I lose my marbles when I’m stressed about being a wife/mom/friend/employee/student/sister/an aunt/and so much more…


P.S. I find that when I’m under pressure I perform very very well. But that’s also when I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t pay attention to everyone and everything around me. Dude and I were not in a good space as he felt that I was neglecting him…. My argument was lame, as I justified how I won’t study forever…. And that I’m stressed, blah blah blah… We are in a better place right now.



It’s been extremely busy in Spiritville. With the Dude being man down with a tummy bug since Sunday eve and the Dudie being his ever so charming self…. I’ve been studying and well, cooking… Cos I love food. No really, I looove good food……

So here’s my observations, in no particular order:

1. I commute on the Gautrain daily. Love it just one small problem – we really could use more stairs/escalators/lifts at ALL stations. There just isn’t enough!

2. When walking up said stairs/escalators – your face is arse level with the person ahead of you. Now, that definitely doesn’t go down well with my empty stomach!

3. As a regular commuter, you get to know some other regulars on the train. Like ‘Etiket Girl”, as in etiquette. She insists on speaking English, and quite loudly, but really is a proper Afrikaans girl. Even her friend responds in Afrikaans but she just carries on. “This is my morning dose of Etiquette”. I dubbed her “Etiket Girl” cos Dude said that it’s her Gautrain Etiquette to speak English…

4. Biker chick – she’s small with wild red hair and seemingly odd… Well I guess most people would say that I’m odd but this is my observation, remember…. She always has a few bags to cart around too. Makes me wonder where she puts this stuff considering she’s riding a bike?

5. The ever so chic- elegantly dressed business man – with fake labels and all – Need I say more!

6. The Soccer Star – filled to the brim with gadgets and techno stuff…. And singing and dancing on the train whilst reading his book, and checking his IPAD….

7. From the train station, I catch a bus to work – Here you have a lady called “Ous Maggie” who’s selling scones/vetkoek/cake/etc… Well, she saw the opportunity and hell by the time we get to her stop- her stuff is sold out.

And that’s it for now… I like watching people. Oh by the way, there’s a noisy group on the train daily, in the afternoons. But lately I told the group I’m travelling with that we seem to be even noisier than them. LOL

P.S. This mornings conversation with Dudie:

Dudie: Where’s Daddy going?

Me: Daddy’s going to the Doctor ‘cos he’s sick.

Dudie: ….Pause… No Daddy not go to Doctor. Daddy just need to go toilet.

This child of mine. Tells it like it is…