Chasing Rhinos…to save the Rhinos

Rhinosaurus…that was how Dudie pronounced it for as long as I can remember. He always had some fascination with Rhinos but it breaks my heart to see how upset he gets when there are reports about poaching. It’s in the news ALL the time. It’s become like “white noise” in the background. So technically it just fades into the airwaves. Most people I know are against rhino poaching but what are “we” actually doing about it? Dudie is tuned in to hearing the message EVERY time. This child is a conservationist by heart. It is in his nature, it is in his SPIRIT.

I am super excited to discuss this project with Dudie. We have been helping him with money matters and trying to teach him about saving money…(Most parents will know that teaching a 7year old to save money is NOT an easy task. Especially since this kid thinks you only need to go draw at the ATM…he seems to think the cashflow is endless….)

However, we have been seeing the rewards of our efforts. He has consistently been saving a minimum of 10%, sometimes almost 50%, of his weekly Tuck allowance! I know that he will be up for the challenge…


Friday, 22 September 2017…and in support of protecting this endangered species, Prima Toys and Wildlife ACT have joined forces in order to raise funds.

Now before you roll your eyes at this…


Help save the Rhino – purchase a Rhino Coin Bank

Prima Toys and Wildlife ACT have once again come together in support of one of South Africa’s most iconic and endangered wild creatures – the Rhino.

The two conservation-minded organisations, have worked together in the past to raise funds to help feed and care for baby rhinos, who have been orphaned as a result of prolific poaching. In past years, Prima Toys and Pick n Pay have raised more than R500 000 for Wildlife ACT, through their Baby Rhino and Wild Pals soft toy promotions, all funded by the generous people of South Africa, who through their purchase of these soft toys, donate to the cause.

This year, in support of World Rhino Day, Prima Toys will be launching 20 000 Rhino Coin Banks into South African toy retailers. These are adorable, soft toy rhino ‘piggy banks’, with plastic interior and a removable stopper to hold cash and coins inside its belly. These will be available for purchase in all leading toy specialist and supermarket stores.

For every purchase of one of these Rhino Coin Banks, Prima Toys will donate R10 to Wildlife ACT, who facilitates the funding of various organisations that care for and feed baby orphaned rhinos, until they are old enough to be released back into the wild.

Creating AWARENESS whilst EDUCATING the younger generations

Prima Toys hopes to raise awareness of the plight of rhinos among younger generations, and have guaranteed a contribution of R200 000 to this very worthy cause,” said Chiquita Patrizi, Marketing Executive at Prima Toys.


In addition to this funding, any money that a child saves in his or her Rhino Coin Bank, can be donated back to Wildlife ACT – through their ‘Donations’ portal on Prima Toys will in turn donate 10 x Toy Hamper prizes in a ‘Lucky Draw’ competition to five boys and five girls who make a donation through the GivenGain website.


Wildlife ACT is a registered non-profit organisation, staffed by conservationists, dedicated to preserving endangered wildlife within South Africa. The funds will be used to help sponsor the teams that are sent out to find and rescue the orphaned rhinos in the wild, the formula (milk) and feed needed to sustain the baby rhinos, and the upgrade of security at the bomas where these orphans are held.

“Despite a small drop in poaching numbers announced by the Department Environmental Affairs recently, our rhinos are still under threat,” said Johan Maree from Wildlife ACT. “Not only do we need to keep up the fight against poaching, we desperately need to ensure that the baby rhinos that are orphaned as a result, are rescued and adequately cared for. Without their mothers, orphaned rhinos would sadly die without our assistance.”

For more information, visit or go to

Rhino Coin Bank
Prima Toys

Let’s do our bit…buy your Rhino Coin Bank! Let’s teach our kids to save the Rhino. If we don’t how will they ever know…


Spirited Mama

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