My birth day. 33 today


So today is my birthday. Every year I find myself wondering if my mom actually remembers my birth. The time. The surroundings etc. I can remember Dudie’s day as if it was yesterday. It is etched in my memory. And I can’t wait for the resident alien’s day to arrive. I am grateful and abundantly blessed to be able to celebrate this day. So many people don’t get to celebrate their birthday. I am happy just being with my Dude, Dudie and resident alien in utero. I have no checklist to tick off those boxes of where you are suppose to be at 33years of age. My life is exactly where God has intended it to be.

I have no desire for fancy gifts just wealth, health and prosperity – in which ever forms they may come. I am learning to accept the things that I cannot change. More importantly I am accepting me. I am enough for me.

Happy birthday to me!


Spirited Mama

P.S Today I am also 24 weeks pregnant. OMG my clothes seem to have shrunk! I need to get a new wardrobe, at least maternity wear aint drab no more, all whilst Preparing for baby

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