Laryngitis and Lindt Chocolate Bunnies

Ok, so after we attended my brother's wedding in Cape Town we got back and I was still feeling under the weather... Ok ok, that's an understatement. I was "vrot siek"!!!! I got back to work on Tuesday, I was supposed to be at work on Monday but due us not being able to get seats on …

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Be happy take 1059*87692374896255…..

Ok, so I haven't blogged in a while.... I've missed it. I was stuck in Bloemfontein for an extra night as the flight that I was booked on was cancelled.....3 weeks ago! The travel agent did not see that the airline re-validated my ticket to get me booked on the earlier flight! So I spent another night …

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So we missed our flight

As in true Spirited Family style, we missed our flight... AGAIN! LMAO Seriously, I'm so over stressing about the flight because somehow, even with all the bags being packed the night before, we still miss our flight. <Murphy?  maybe... But I think it's in our plan 🙂 > This WAS our plan: 5:30am                   Leave for OR …

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