CANCER WON….Mamma lost

CANCER WON (1) - Mamma lost(0) Sadly on Sunday 28 August 2016 at 04:22 am Mamma breathed her last breath of life over my fingers. It was a bittersweet, surreal, peaceful, quiet, but so very special moment that we shared. One last moment with my Mamma. I will miss you ALWAYS!!!! Only two weeks after …

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Random update on Spiritville

We have been sick and STILL are sick. Spiritville is flu and bronchitis breeding grounds right now...I had no choice but to start a course of antibiotics myself, even though I would rather not considering our resident alien aka baby in utero....but rather safe than sorry. CANCER SUCKS!!!! Mamma is getting weaker by the day...I …

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So in my family we have been dealt a low blow this past Sunday. Here's a rough breakdown of the lead up to this past Sunday 2014 - My mom's younger sister, aged 44 at the time, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Almost immediately had a mastectomy and chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. In …

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