What do you know about ENDOMETRIOSIS?

I knew very little about Endometriosis...until I actually did some research. Here's an opportunity to educate yourselves Becoming a "woman" was a huge milestone. You know how you get the "Now that you have your period, you CAN get pregnant talk"! Well I got tit.bits at least from my mom. Honestly, I don;t get why …

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Comfortable in my own skin

Once upon a time, I was the skinny girl. In fact all throughout my schooling. BUT I've always loved food. There is WAY too much good food in this world to NOT try it. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, I even had cake for breakfast on most days, until my …

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Put your best “leg” forward with Adriansa

*sponsored* A little while ago, I received some products to review. I don't know about you but it has become more and more apparent and important for me to trust fellow human interactors to review products. I am NOT just going to splurge my hard earned cash on something just because...well ok we all have …

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