Cadbury’s Peanut Tumbles.. I miss you…


Where do I even start??? I am so pissed actually. I have been hunting down Cadbury‘s Peanut Tumbles but can’t find it anywhere…Like nowhere in Pretoria can I find just one freaking packet…And what gets to me is that this hunt has been on for a long long long ass time now.

Cadbury this is my plea to you. Please bring Peanut tumbles back….

Love how you say “Let the joy find you” well I am searching and just not finding MY joy!!!!

Spirited Mama


4 thoughts on “Cadbury’s Peanut Tumbles.. I miss you…

  1. Shaafi

    It’s not even listed as a product anymore on Mondeléz South Africa’s website. I fear they are gone. Woolworths chuckle peanuts come close but not close enough.

  2. My wife want another baby and crave peanut Tumbles. Now the problem is , nothing for me until I can get Peanut Tumbles. PLEASE DON’T MESS WITH MY SEXLIFE!!!!!!!

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