So I’ve seen a few bloggers choosing a word for the YEAR and I do like to idea of setting a goal for myself but I’m sceptical as I don’t really want to hold myself accountable for it either… Confused? Yeah, that’s just how my brain functions….

I thought I would go easy on myself but I have a little voice repeating stuff in my head. And I can’t get rid of it. So for 2013,

ACCEPT the things I cannot change! I really am beside myself when I’m not in control of a situation. I NEED to feel like I’m behind that steering wheel. So, for 2013 I’m trying to focus my energies on all the positives of life. I know that even though I might not be the “driver” in many many situations I can still have a positive outcome. And even though I might not always understand why certain things happen when they happen, I do know that it is all in GOD’s plan for me.

I ACCEPT the changes that 2013 will bring!

Happy Saturday…

Spirited Mama



3 thoughts on “Accept…2013!

  1. Now that is one great word! All the best for it

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