IPAD or Samsung Note ???? Help Please

 Ok, so I need some guidance, actually I want your personal experiences, please…..

I’m in two minds about this. On the one hand there’s the hype of “IPAD” and on the other there’s the cost factor of having to “buy” apps for the IPAD. Now apparently, there are many “free” apps available. With Samsung, you can connect to your “normal” devices whereas with IPAD you can only connect with APPLE devices?????

Any technical gurus out there, please help. It is more or less in the same price bracket….

Spirited Mama

P.S. I really don’t want to be stuck with something that’ll just become a “white elephant”….


6 thoughts on “IPAD or Samsung Note ???? Help Please

  1. My husband has a Samsung and he is very happy with it. He can do all his business on it. I have an iPad and the same. I don’t have the other Apple devices, but am still able to connect to my computer via the iTunes store. So it’s no problem. Most other things also sync in the cloud, because I have a Blackberry as phone. (And it is no problem)
    I think the Apple apps are at this stage more/better/more for free, but it is probably changing! Maybe you should go to a Samsung store and a iStore and let them show you how it works on both.
    It also depends on what you want to use it for.
    At this stage my vote goes to the iPad.

  2. I don’t own either but my colleagues swear by the idevice and they don’t own any other apple products. MayBe check out both like Karen suggested and decide which you absolutely love. Good luck with the decision making 😉

  3. I promise you and ipad will never be a white elephant and it does work well with a normal windows PC – you work through itunes though. As to apps costs, forget about it. There are thousands of free apps and all your major stuff you can find free ones for. The only app I ever paid for was a pdf reader/writer that is much better than the free one and which I use for work.

    I love my ipad! (But have no experience with the samsung) What phone do you have? Maybe that is a consideration. Mine syncs perfectly with my iphone but one of my collegues have a blackberry and it syncs with that too

    1. Thanks Cat. I have a BlackBerry. Love my phone, so definitely wouldn’t change it. And my camera is awesome. I’m leaning towards teh IPAD 🙂
      My concern was how to sync it with my phone, PC etc… And even though I have downsized to a Sony Vaio, I still don’t feel like carry it around… I just nee dto know that after teh initial payament, I don’t have to fork out a “huge” amount of money just to be able to use the IPAD…

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