Look who’s working today?

Yes, I’m back at work but I’m not going to exert myself with tedious processes. I’m still recovering from sick leave and guess what I walk in here at 8:30 and I find 2, yes only 2, colleagues in the office…

It seems some colleagues decided that they needed time out so these were the reasons given below:

1. Sick

2. Kid is sick

3. Still sick

4. Running late

Now, after you’ve stopped giggling and after you’ve secretly conspired which excuse you can use to take “time-out” for yourself…. I’m going to catch up on my “private email, harass the financial planner, blog, read blogs, relax, have coffee, go have a scone, play some games, etc etc  etc…



Happy Monday!!!!

Spirited Mama

P.S It’s festive Season. Go on take a “time-out”…. You know you want to 🙂



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