And we are out of here….

This is where we’ll be tomorrow


Doing some of this

Amongst all the wine-ing and dining with family and friends…Seriously, as we touch down we head off to a breakfast gathering… And it doesn’t stop we literally have gatherings for each and every meal time whilst we are there. And at different locations everytime… Luckily the sun sets late in Cape Town so we won’t even know that its way way past Dudie’s bedtime until he literally falls asleep whilst we drive… (Don’t judge, it’s a getaway for everyone. We’ll get back to routine on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday…)

And what would a trip to Cape Town be without following Dude’s tradition visiting Mariner’s Wharf- He will wait for them to open their doors but he will not NoT have his platter 🙂 Thank goodness we’re a family who loves seafood.

And hopefuly we get to do this on Monday,

SO on that note I say ta ta…

See you next week. Have an awesome weekend

Spirited Mama

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