I felt like the Queen Mother…..

OMG!!!!!! I have arrived to a rather glum overcast Cape Town but at least it’s not freezing and or raining…. My Airport transfer was late, and this after I waited 15 minutes for my bag to arrive… handluggage is a max of 8kg’s and mine was 10kgs???? Nevertheless, at least I got bumped to Business Class…>

This was probably the longest flight ever. I kept dosing off as I am slightly sleep deprived, running on empty with 3hours of sleep… I eventually got my bag only to realise that my ride has not arrived? I call, they say they’re on their way. Prior to my departure, I gave myself a peptalk about how relaxed and laidback CPT is. There is no rush. The rush only exists in GP!

The driver arrived and it took all of 20minutes to drive to the Cape Sun hotel. OMG! They open the door for you. They carry your bags. By the time you arrive at the reception, they know who you are and they’ve stored your luggage and present you with a tag! All within record time. As I arrived early for check – in and I was not about to go into a room with 300 people staring at me as I disturb a session, the friendly lady at the reception gave me an access to card to the Fitness centre, where I could freshen up. I could shower if I wanted to. I was in awe. On the 32nd floor, I stared at myself in the mirrors, sat on their plush wingbacks and then came back down to the business centre. You know, to catch up on work and all. (Read: BLOG!)

The room was disturbing quietly so I came to plop down in the lounge, ordered a coffee and did some work…. Well, there a beautiful white baby grand piano in front of me which is causing great distraction. I really really want to put on my sunglasses and go pull a “Stevie Wonder”  on myself. But I’m afraid, if they see me doing that they won’t let me stay in the hotel.

I’m now preparing to join my colleagues for lunch and then I have to be enthusiastic about the Conference…. I would much rather catch the Red City Sightseeing bus, it’s constantly passing the hotel.

So on that note, have a good day peeps.

Singing out, The Queen Mother, aka Spirited Mama

P.S. I told Dude that when they arrive he must bring Dudie so that we can jump on my bed 🙂 My boys arrive tomorrow. I’m so jealous as they will be on holiday and doing tourist things whilst I sit in sessions all day!

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