We live here!

I have been sitting with some random thought son how to improve our situation at home. Make it “Happier”….

Well After reading a post from the Colouredfulwife, I was reminded that we create our own happiness.

This was my comment to her post:

I too ration myself. I blog and believe me what I blog about is only a fraction of the mishaps in Spiritville. We would all like to have happy perfect homes but what we forget is that we can create it for ourselves. I saw a quote somewhere, “My house was clean, sorry you missed it. We live here” ANd I love it as having a spotless house does not make it a home. Having a students doesn’t mean your kids are happy. Ask me, I used to hide in my books! Enjoy YOUR life…

I consider us to be Christians. Not your average religious christians and I’m sure some people would gasp for air when they realise we actually DO belong to  a church, which we attend sporadically. Dude is superstitious.  Me not much. He has this thing about feathers. If you find a feather then it means God is present. Well a while ago I found a feather in Dudie’s room and I decided to keep it as I’m so happy that God is present in Dudie’s life. Well yesterday I came across said feather and decided to reposition it so as to not throw it away just yet.

This morning after my normal routine and prayer I thanked God for another day of new chances and tought, even if I never get a feather it’s ok as long as Dude and Dudie are getting them. After I strapped Dudie in I found a small feather on the driver seat. I was super chuffed and thought Thank you God for being in my life too. I repositioned it in the car and went on the usual drive to drop Dudie and then catch my ride. Well, I could not stop thinking about this feather. I concluded that we are going through a rough patch in our lives at the moment. After changing schools, I’m now a frequent traveller with the Gautrain, and well let’s just say our home organisation is a bit all over the place right now. We need to figure out  a schedule that works for us.

Well, on my journey to work, I met someone incredible and I think that all of the mornings happenings is a sign of greater things to come. I reminded myself that we do not know what God has planned for us. We are merely playing out our roles. We need to stress less and let God work his magic. Because ultimately, what’s happening now is not ideal according to us but maybe it is according to God.


Spirited Mama


4 thoughts on “We live here!

  1. thecolouredfulwife

    I couldn’t have said it any better! Sometime we forget that God has other plans in store for us. Thanks for your beautiful reply on my post too.

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