Weekly Bucket List (4 – 10 June)

I have decided that there will be no list for this week. I have a THEME instead!


I’m going to deliberately find something to celebrate daily! Fingers crossed that I can pull this off.

In case you missed it, this is what I done for this week until now:

Monday: Played with Balloons and party hats. We even had supper with our hats on. A celebration! Everyday should be celebrated.

Tuesday: Bought a Spirited Package for my Dude. (Kitkat, Samoosas, Stoney – all stuff that he likes and dropped it off at his workplace this morning.)

<I was stuck in traffic and by the sound of it my Dude needed some cheering up at work! It made my heart leap for joy that I can give him some happy for the day(No there’s nothing wrong with that sentence. I wanted to give him happy)

Let me get some work done. I’m snowed under at the moment but I just couldn’t focus as I just needed to update my blog. Hehehehe. Let me focus…..

P.S. As we speak, my Dude is going to book tickets to Cape Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For this weekend!


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