What do you do with 15kg’s Sausage?

What the F@Ck do I do with 15kg’s Blou Wildebees Sausage????

My Dude bought 15kg’s. Luckily he decided not to get the 60kg’s that were on offer. Yes 60 kg’s!!!! Should I give him a seriously sign? Hehehehe

He’s reasoning we can make lots of meals. Do you know that my 2yr old and I hardly eat red meat?

So if you have any ideas for me, please feel free to comment. Otherwise, he’ll eat worsrolls until that sausage is done….




2 thoughts on “What do you do with 15kg’s Sausage?

  1. Not eating any red meat is kind of difficult to give advice on. Add it to some dishes like pastas or soups. In Soups you won’t taste the red meat. Good luck.

    1. It’s because we’re not keen on red meat that I need advice. Maybe we’ll enjoy it and increase the red meat intake? I can see my Dude cringe, if I should put it in soup. I’m sure that he’ll say that it’s wasted…

      Thank you for the suggestion. Will definitely try some new pasta ideas.

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