Are your Skies Blue?

Mine’s always blue. <Sometimes I just need to look a little harder to find it J>

I am the first-born of my parents and their only daughter too. I can totally see why my mother wanted to give me a girly girl room, with pink and frilly things. This did not go down well. I was not into pink! I loved still love BLUE! All shades of blue.

Here’s a few of my Blue Habits Obsessions:

1. Blue smarties – I believe they taste better

2. Blue fizzers – see point 1

3. Sweet/confectionery addiction

4. Candy floss – you guessed it – blue

5. Steri stumpie– bubblegum flavor

6. Bubblegum ice-cream

7. Blue jeans – x pairs stone washed, faded,

8. Opalt birth stone – blue

9. Blue lunch bag – coincidental as Dude gave it to me –

10. Storage bowls – all have blue lids

11. My son looks adorable in all shades of blue

12. Check my blog colour? Need I say more?

13. I heart the Smurfs – Do you think I can have a 29yr old Smurf Party?

14. Blue Pen holder

15. Blue eyeshadow I’ve never worn it but I bought it cos it was 3 pretty shades of blue

 I’m sure most of you know the saying about “Monday Blues”? Well Blue makes me happy and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling…. Happy Weekend!!!!

P.S. I also heart Black wine gums – they just taste better

P.P.S Not that I’m a bit older and I have a son that I can shower with all things BLUE, I’m a bit easier around pink things. I even have 2 different T-Shirts in pink!


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