What did the doctor say?

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! For parents might know this nursery rhyme. Gloria knows that I can sing it backwards. Whenever Dudie goes to the doctor and Dude asks “What did the Doctor say?” Dudie responds without out fail “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Well the diagnosis yesterday was slightly different. Dudie has a cold, just a common cold due to the change in season that we’re currently experiencing. We came from swimming on Tuesday and I noticed that the Dudie looked rather sick/glum/not himself. He had a temp of 39! I bathed him and administered some empaped. <Now, I’m not sure who hates suppositories more, me or Dudie…. But I know it works!> Then I put him to bed. He slept well. And woke up looking better with no fever.

Now , we all know kids get sick at night. <That’s Murphy fcking us over> So I decided that it may be a good n idea to pay the Paed a visit. Just in case we have a repeat stunt the night. Well, I made an appointment. We had a photo shoot at Dudie’s school, so off we went. Bear in mind that this child looked as healthy as a spring chicken. We rap up the photo shoot and BAM! The fever is back. Just like that. No warnings. And the  Dudie drops in my arms like a limp snoek!

I skip off to the Paed, and albeit he has a cold all is well. Most probably brought on after the swimming lesson. One more doctors appointment for me. <See I had Conjunctivitis over the weekend> I get to the Doctor and trues bob, Conjunctivitis is back!

So now, I’m rocking my Gucci knockoffs and lying in the sun on the couch writing this post.

Dudie is napping. Supper is made. And I’m sipping on my Coffee.

P.S. Dudie is going to miss out on his evaluation at Swimming tonight. Next week is Parents Week. We get to run and cheer him on next to the pool!!!!!!

How’s your Thursday?




2 thoughts on “What did the doctor say?

    1. Ah, thanks. But we’re all on the mend. Dude took us out for some retail therapy last night. Was a good start to the mending process. So much so that we’re going for retail therapy tonight, AGAIN! And some dinner in a restaurant. Mama’s going to be served.

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