Tea anyone?



Actually, it’s coffee and a yummy cream donought for my afternoon tea time.

I actually don’t take lunch or tea breaks… I sort of just wing it… But on the days when I do, I take a walk outside <I used to smoke and I always found time to take THAT break> in the sun or just stare out of my window….


8 thoughts on “Tea anyone?

  1. blackhuff says:

    I used to smoke as well and now I take those breaks that I used for smoking, to stand in the sun (like you) or walking around a bit 🙂

  2. Just a little more advance notice next time! I would love to have Coffee with you! The doughnut…looked wonderful but I would have to pass!
    Peach State

    • Anytime. I know I shouldn’t have had that doughnut BUT I Love food!!!! And that just means that I’ll have to play fun games with Dudie to burn that doughnut off my @ss. Hehehehe…

  3. alittlelessfluff says:

    That dougnut looks yummy!! I am drooling in front of my pc now!
    Think Im just gonna take a smoke break now. lol!

    • Hey, welcome! I’ve been wondering where you disappeared to. No smokes for me. 4 months now and still going strong.

      • alittlelessfluff says:

        Wow! four months? That is awesome! I totally dont have the will power right now.
        Yeah, been totally swamped at work. Its like one bad thing after another really. But, I do what I have to do and move forward I guess. 🙂

      • Good for you.

        Hey, you’ll stop when you’re good and ready to… If yu want to. Hehehehe

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