Versatile Blogger Award!

Wow, wow, whoa!!!!!!!!!!!! justbetweencousins has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! NOw, I too am relatively new to blogging and all things related but what an honour. Thank you so much. It is an honour. And so amazing that there are actual people reading my blog…

I was going to do the whole speech but didn’t find time to do hair & makeup this morning. Hehehe! He admits he thinks so to. But don’t fret, it’s all good in the Spirited Household..>





Share 7 Facts about me:

1. I too love Coffee (I’m busy writing a post on coffee)

2. I am a Wife, Mother to a 2 yr old, friend

3. I value my friends, albeit they’re few

4. I am a softy but when my patience has run out you will encounter a whole new breed bitch of me

5. I love shoes & shopping

6. I take a day off at work, maybe to frequently for my boss’ liking – but I don’t care My Family comes First!, to spend some one on one time with either Dude or Dudie

7. I became an Aunt on April 24th, my niece Leah was born.


Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow?

1. Reluctantmom

2. Remember when we were young

3. Raising Men

4. Harassed Mom

5. I Believe in Miracles

6. Scaredmom’s Blog

7. ZA to CH

8. Miss Preggy

9. Enjoying the Small Things

10. There’s a Lionheart in our Bathtub

11. Life or Something Like it!

12. Motherhood, WTF?

13. MomAgain@40

14. The Fat Diaries

15. Dear Max


Well, who knew I would be able to nominate 15 blogs that I stalk read. I might not be subscribing or commenting regularly but I read your blogs daily.

P.S. I work 8 hours a day but after reading blogs, chatting on the forums, having breakfast and lunch I’m too scared to say how much time I actually spend working, PRO.Duc.TivelY! Hahaha…

P.P.S. Note to self – Never divulge identity – it may will count against me for future jobs….



19 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

    1. Thanks. Sadly no. Born Capetonian but now in Pretoria. Was down there 2 weeks ago for family. But we’ll be in CPt more often or as often as SAA gives me a seat, I have issues with them. We should meet up next time we’re there. I read about you and teh Hout BAy market. My inlaws live just above Mariner’s Wharf so maybe next time we coul dcheck out the market?

  1. Thank you for the award! Blogging is totally addictive isn’t it? If I wasn’t in a totally open plan office I would be blogging and reading blogs all day, I’m totally hooked 🙂

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