Jacobs Coffee……. What’s your forte?

I used to be addicted to coffee. In my youthful stage, I lived on coffee, coca cola, chocolate and cigarettes…

<I don’t do decaf – its like smoking a light cigarette because it’s healthier… Really! That’s a fck up analogy in my book>

Then I kinda became an adult and thought ok, now I need to watch what I eat ‘cos my metabolism is no longer working on its own. I need to get that B*itch to work again with minimal effort from my side. So I cut down on coffee. I love the rest way way way too much. So I cut down from 12 cups to 4. And then 2. And then at some stage none.

I gave up sugar 3 yrs ago, so no sugar in my tea/coffee. My reasoning was that I eat chocolate almost daily so I really don’t need the extra sugar. I really don’t miss the sugar at all.

<I don’t even give Dudie sugar. He gets black sugarless rooibos or sugarless milo or sugarless cereal. My Dude, of course dies a small death ‘cos he feels that the child needs that sugar but I justify it with the fruit juices and chocolate that he ingests. This boy loves chocolate almost as much as I do.>

Now, coming back to coffee! I can’t stomach cheap coffee. And yes, I would donate an organ to buy the Jacobs coffee we so faithfully buy. When it looks as if we’re low,  half way through the jar, on coffee I have a mini anxiety attack and dash to shop to get some more. As you know, Murphy likes to fck up my day and I’ve driven around way too often looking for Jacobs coffee. So when we got back from Cape Town, I realized that the coffee was finished! I had my anxiety attack and then had two choices…

  1. Have some Ricoffy – Dude’s employer gave them a moerse tin and a 2kg sugar – fck knows why.
  2. Have the last sachet of Nescafé that I took  at the Conference venue when my office went on a Strategic Planning Session.

I chose option 2!!!! Before Dude could! And when Dude asked: “Where’s the Coffee?” I answered: “There’s some refreshing Ricoffy in the cupboard”. He gave me the evil eye as he explained that he wanted needed Jacobs…

<I just had a light bulb moment – I will contact the good people at Jacobs and just open an account. That way they can debit my bank account and I always have coffee. Wonder if I can arrange terms???>

So what’s your favourite coffee?


P.S. Remind me to tell you about the fraudulent activity that has taken place on my Credit Card. Sigh, I need to wait a day or two for a replacement card. Do these peeps not know how many awesome deals I’m missing out on Groupon. My Dude refuses to borrow me his card!

4 thoughts on “Jacobs Coffee……. What’s your forte?

  1. Any coffee that is dark and rich…oh…you wanted a brand…
    Three of my favorites are:
    Starbucks Christmas Blend
    Seattle’s Best (dark morning blend)
    Chock Full o’Nuts

    Of course I use Starbucks espresso beans for the daily lattes’!
    Peach State

    1. I “heart” Starbucks!!!!!
      I adore Seattle Coffee Co too!!!! ANd Dudie loves the “Baby Foamy”. He thinks he’s having coffee like mom & dad.
      Choc full o’nuts sounds divine!

      1. I have been seeing it everywhere….subliminal messages…and after watching The Buckey List I just had to try it. It was not bad! I have finally used it up and I will probably go back to my standards…unless it is on sale! Hehe!
        Peach State

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