And then I won! A real prize, this time

Stacey at There’s a lionheart in our Bath tub! has made me a winner wena! (I’m not sure what it means but that’s what is said in South Africa).

When I saw my email yesterday it read “Hey there, You’ve won!” I was doing a happy dance and was bouncing up and down on my chair and then I thought “What if she made a mistake and the email was not for me”. “What if I’m not the winner?” Immediately, I emailed her to say thank you and just to put my heart at ease that I did in fact win the prize.

Stacey, thank you so much. I’ve embarked on a “Loving me Journey”. I’ve detoxed. Now I’m going to tone. And hopefully come end of April, I will be rocking my size 32 Levi’s down in Cape Town.

<Yes, last month I could wear them and then something happened. Not sure what. I keep reminding my Dude to not put my Levi’s in the tumble dryer, but he never listens…>


This is what I’ve won. Mama MioToning Serum!!!!!  I’m so excited to try this. I feel like a 2yr old child who was just told that they could do something that they were always told not to do.


8 thoughts on “And then I won! A real prize, this time

  1. Woweee yes need to know if this works it will be a case of you can have cake and eat it. Rock those jeans!

  2. Stacey Vee says:

    Hello there, lady! Prize has been posted off today. I’ll email your tracking number. (I would have sent it on Saturday, but the Lionheart threw such a fit in the post office that I had to slink out of there on my belly.)

    • Thanks so much. Can’t wait. I too had a dramatic secne with Dudie in the Post office on Saturday. Luckily the Dude was not too far so I could hand over the toddler and finish my business in the PO.
      Myabe these kids don’t like a PO? Maybe it’s a sign

  3. Super Mom says:

    Congrats! I love winning stuff – makes you feel all important, well for a while anyway! 🙂 I went through a few months last year when I was on a lucky streak – which sadly seems to have departed! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment! Cheers Fiona

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