I would never intentionally burn the house down.

So on Saturday, we decided to have a braai (it’s a barbeque with a real wood fire and proper meat – for those who don’t know). And my Dude asked if I would make rooster broodjies (braai bread/rolls). 

I obliged and to speed up the process of waiting for my dough to rise – I put it in the oven and turned the oven on. Just a bit to warm it up and then I’d switch it off again. Now, I have done this before and it worked like a charm. All you do is wrap your (plastic) bowl, with dough, in a cloth and store in lukewarm oven…

Then I proceeded to play with Dudie outside whilst Dude was braaing the meat. Tadadaum (insert scary music) – Dude goes to get the dough… A few minutes later he comes back and says “you need to check on your dough”. I realise shit there must be a problem. I run and guess what I find. A cloth which used to be white is now burnt brown. A plastic bowl is now stuck to the fckin rack and the melted bits of plastic is all over the oven. The dough, dead! I managed to salvage some to make 8 rolls…
On the upside, the meat was awesome! Well done Dude! You haven’t braaied like this in a while.  Lesson learnt – do not leave oven unattended when attempting to speed up rising process.

Please do not try this at home. My Dude had a shit fit about how the house could’ve burnt down and blah blah blah. I’m not mocking you but really, I thought I was suffering paranoia…


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