Wednesday 15 Feb – post v-day

So hubby and I had a few drinks at home, after the kid went to bed, on Tuesday and we eventually fell into bed at 12:30am… I still had a half an hour shower just so that I wouldn’t have that hungover feeling in a few hours…

We slept a very peaceful sleep, and woke up just because of that feeling that soemthing is amiss… again! My hubby was suppose to have left 20 mins ago. BWAHAHHA. HE raced to get ready and I decided Fuck it! I’m so not going to stress! I’ll get there when I’m done!

Hubby leaves and I get myself and the kid ready, simultaneously. This is when I realised that my boy CAN multi-task!

He was on the toilet, brushing his teeth whilst I was brushing his hair. BY the time we got back to his room, I just needed to dress him and pray with him. We did then he remided me that I didn’t thank God for the fish. So I did and off we went on our journey.

I got to work 90 minutes late – granted that today was also a day where the traffic came to a grinding halt around Gilloly’s interchange – and it didn’t amtter which direction you were coming from.


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