Valentine’s day

Hubby and I don’t do Valentine’s day unless one party feels that they want to do something, it’s really ok if the other doesn’t.

I bought my hubby a “new” wedding band, as his is too small. Yes, even he said that we should just resize it but I bought a new one anyway. I couldn’t wait so I gave it to him on Sunday.

So on Tuesday, we wake up feeling refreshed and wish each other a good day amidst all the romance for the day and now begins my routine to get out of the house. He leaves about 45 mins before us.

Smooth sailing, right on time too, until I wake the kid – who was lying awake anyways… Do you know that he’s 2yrs and that he now uses the real toilet? Jealous much – don’t be ‘cos just the other day I had a half naked toddler runing through the house but didn’t make it to the toiet in time. I’m so not retelling that day!

Back to the toddler routine. I think it’s simple. Don’t you?

  • Switch on the light, open blinds and tickle him, or touch his feet to wake him
  • Then put him on the toilet whilst I get his stuff ready (75 % of th etime it’s done the night before)
  • Then brush teeth
  • Wash his face
  • Brush his hair
  • Get him dressed
  • And then the shoe argument
  • Then I need to say something like – Jesus is waiting on us again
  • We pray at his bedside
  • We do good morning kisses
  • then say bye to the fish and birds and dogs and worms and all the animals in the worls
  • Strap kid in car seat and so the journey begins ( His nursery rhymes CD doesn’t want to play in the car? Not that I mind but now I have to sing each morning)

After all that, I get to work 40 mins late!


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