This week so far: From a Beautiful beginning- Monday 13 Feb 2012

We woke up very happy and bubbly, granted the kid was still asleep. You know that feeling you get when you just know that something is amiss…

Well, I woke up when exactly when I was suppose to be leaving the front door!

<I’ve had dreams about doing my morning routine and believe me it’s so “real” that I think that it’s actually happening. And then, the horror, when I wake up to realise that I did absolutely jack shit and now need to do everything in high gear. Shower, oh I brush my teeth in the shower to save time, get dressed, brush hair (sometime I do this in the car), pack car (i get everything ready the night before – I even put the bags close to the door) and then get the kid ready. Oh that’s another story!>

Well, I got to work 20 mins late…


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