What would you rather be doing????

So now as the work starts to slow down, my mind starts to wonder. I always end up having the same thoughts about my “CAREER”

<It sounds better than saying I have a JOB>

I always have and still want to be the “VOICE” at the Terminal Building in any Airport. Really, if you know of any vacancies, let me know please. Even, if  I could do that job for a day/week/month I’d be happy.

<I’m in the market if anyone is hiring – will even settle for voice overs>

I want to be that person that calls you, yes-you (the person who’s causing the fcking delay) over the PA system.

This is how I’m suppose to do it:

Mr/Mrs Smith, please report to Boarding Gate D5.

2mins later:

Mr/Mrs Smith, this is your final boarding call. Please report to Gate D5.

BUT this is how I say it in my world (head):

Mr/Mrs Smith, we really don’t give a shit why you’re being delayed. But could you please get a move on???

2mins later:

Mr/Mrs Smith, we’ve left without you. Try another airline. Peace!

I’m rational/sane/diplomatic most of the time so if you have any vacancies, please drop me a note and I’ll contact you.




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