Go figure… I keep telling myself… “I do…”

So my husband and I have come up with a workable/doable plan to make sure we don’t run out of the essentials in house, ever!

Yes, like when you’re running to the lavatory and realise that the toilet paper is finished or when it’s time to bath the child and you hunt around the house for free samples as the kid has allergies (he really has sensitive skin like me).

<Up until today – I still use Elizabeth Anne’s baby products>

So we’ve put up a whiteboard in the kitchen along with all the notepads and postids on the fridge. We list items as we start nearing their end and in the breath we I don’t have to spend an hour before our shopping trip to make the dreaded list. <Do you stick to your list? I think it’s a lot of bullsh*t as we always buy lot’s of crap that’s not on the list>

Anyway back to the story. So I write out the infamous list for the husband. And he calls to check that XYZ (well all except 2 items on list are essential) is really needed today. This is how our conversation went down:

Me: Hallllloooooooooo

Husband: Hi – SO this list… Do we need XYZ?

Me: Uh, yes that’s why I gave you a list

Husband: BUt do you need it today


Husband: Ok. You know I got all the other stuff you wanted from Baby City and I got J a new nasal spray that better than the one we used. They (pharmacists) said so and all. But you know you asked about that cream?

Me: Uh Huh. <getting slightly annoyed – so now I decided to do emails and google> AND no longer interested but knew that I had to pay attention as he might surprise me when I get home. The “Epizone cream”

Husband: Yes, but the other one. The antibacterial

Me: Babe, we haven’t used that in over a year. Currently, for the past 6 months, we’ve been using Epizone.

Husband: Oh? Ok I’ll buy that too. Bye

Me: HUH?

Then, he sends me an email to check if he needs to get anything else. So I email him back with a mini list (hehehe).

He responds: I’m not doing shopping! I’m only getting nessecities! I’m going home to study!!!!!

Then an hour later I get an email: I git XYZ(from my email list) and chocolate…


I love you and I know that you love me. And sometimes just sometimes we need subtle reminders why we said I do. You know that I was going to have some smart kick ass commentary tonight and then you decided to get chocolate. You no play fair. But I love you


P.S. In Maslow’s theory he clearly explains that we have needs and wants. Mr Maslow – I only have needs!




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