If only everyone did something for someone… Makes me think of the movie, P.A.Y it For.WARD
We should dub today, 1st February, The ARK Day!

It won’t make your life any longer/shorter but just maybe you are exactly what someone else is needing right now…
Spirited Mama

On Sunday afternoon we were driving from our house to have a pizza in Tygervalley.

Kids were chatting, Kennith was driving.  Really busy main road.  I was staring out the window in the normal spaced out way I usually do.  I stare at the leaves.  I stare at the road signs.  I sometimes add the numbers on the buildings.

I just stare, but it is not in a totally blank way.

My problem is that I do take in way too much stimuli and information, and it often leads to a bit of a brain melt down.  But that is another story.

We were on Tygervalley main road, I saw a guy lying on the pavement, odd, but not that unusual.  Sometimes people need to have a little lie down and the pavement is as good a place as any.  It happens.

I noticed the guy was lying down, but he…

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